How to Vote Absentee

   If you are a qualified registered San Juan County voter, you are entitled      to vote by absentee ballot. Requests for an absentee ballot application        may be made by contacting the County Clerk's Office.

  The process works as follows:

    1. The voter requests an application for absentee ballot. Then completes and signs it and returns the completed application to the County Clerk's Office.


                  2.  Once the voters eligibility to vote is verified, a ballot is mailed                      to the voter.


                  3.  The voter completes the ballot by filling in the ovals next to the                    candidates of their choice.




             4. Once the ballot is completed, the voter inserts the ballot in the                    inner secrecy envelope, and then inserts the inner secrecy                          envelope into the mailing envelope.



            5. The voter completes the oath and signs the mailing envelope.                     The voter then seals the outer envelope.


             6. The voter mails or hand delivers the ballot to the County Clerk's                   Office. All ballots must be returned to the Clerk's Office by 7:00                   PM on election day.


  Very Important: In order for your absentee ballot to be                 counted, you must sign your name on the Absentee Ballot           Return Envelope.