The information below explains the voter information cards sent to voters by the County Clerk's office.


sample voter Id


Identification Number:Identification no

Pursuant to state law, a Social Security Number is required to register to vote, but the Clerk's Office does not print this number on the voter ID card or signature rosters.



date of birth 

Date of Birth:






San Juan County has 77 precincts. Your precinct is based on where you live.


Political Party:party

New Mexico has many political parties other than the ones you hear about frequently in the news.

A party of "DTS" means the voter has not selected any political party, and has "Declined to State" a party. Voters who are "DTS" or register with a minor political party are ineligible to vote in Primary Elections.






United States Congressional District:us congress dist

United States Congressmen meet in Washington, DC. New Mexico has 3 Congressional Districts, and all of San Juan County is in District 3.


State Senate District:state senate dist 

State Legislators meet in Santa Fe. San Juan County has 3 State Senate Districts ,one of which covers part of McKinley County.

State Representative District:state representative dist

State Legislators meet in Santa Fe. San Juan County has 7 Legislative Districts,
with several covering portions of McKinley and Cibola Counties.


County Commission District:county commission dist

County Commissioners meet in Aztec, the County Seat. There are 5 County Commission Districts. 


Magistrate District:magistrate district

Magistrate Judges have courts in both Aztec and Farmington. San Juan County currently has 6 Magistrate Districts.


City Council / Commission District:city council commission dist

The image to the right indicates CTOUT, which means this voter is outside of the city limits. A CT with a number after it would indicate the City Council District, and CTIN would indicate the voter lives in Aztec or Bloomfield, where their city councilors/commissioners run at large and do not have districts. 


PRC District:prc district

This stands for Public Regulation Commission, not precinct as is often thought. New Mexico has 5 Public Regulation Commissioners and all of San Juan County is in District 4.        


San Juan College District:college district

San Juan College has an elected board that has 7 districts.



School Board District:school board district

This indicates the school board member that represents you, not where your children go to school.

AZ is Aztec, FM is Farmington, BL is Bloomfield and CN is Central Consolidated. Aztec School Board Candidates run at large and do not have districts, the other three school districts will have a number after it to indicate their board member.


Polling place:Polling place for primary general election

This is your polling place for Primary and General Elections.


Please contact the Clerk's Office for polling place information in other elections.