Election Department




   Restoration of Voting Rights After a Felony Conviction

   Once an individual is convicted of a felony, their right to vote is                    suspended until the imposed judgment and sentence is discharged by        the State of New Mexico Corrections Department and the County                Clerk's Office Bureau Of Elections receives a copy of the official                  Certificate of Discharge.

   By law we will be unable to process any voter registration application or      request for change until we receive your discharge certificate.

   You may submit your discharge certificate in 3 ways:

   Fax a copy of your official Certificate of Discharge issued by the New          Mexico Department of Corrections with a written request to re-instate          your voter rights to 334-3635.

   Mail in a copy of your discharge certificate and written request to have        your voter rights re-instated to:

   San Juan County Clerk's Office
   Bureau of Elections
   P.O. Box 550
   Aztec, New Mexico 87410

   Or you can stop by our office with your certificate of discharge and ask to    have your voting rights re-instated.